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We focus our practice on serious personal injury claims. We represent victims whose injuries have created a life-changing impact or resulted in their deaths.

We focus our practice on serious personal injury claims. We represent victims whose injuries have created a life-changing impact or resulted in their deaths. Our Calgary injury lawyers seek compensation that fully accommodates our clients’ current and future needs.

We help people hurt in accidents who have trouble working.

We help families who have lost loved ones in accidents.
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James S. Bell, PC
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Dallas, TX
Trial lawyer based in the Dallas Fort Worth region and licensed in Texas, New York and California

Trial attorney licensed in Texas, California, New York and in Federal court across the United States. Preferred practice areas include family law and divorce, Federal healthcare fraud defense (TRICARE fraud, Department Of Labor health care fraud, etc.), construction litigation, probate court litigation and several other practice areas.
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Smootutzman Business and Legal Tips. Simplifying the corporate lawyer world.
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We defend California Employers and Business Owners from employee claims and lawsuits.

The state of California has become completely unfair for employers and business owners. Between the one sided labor laws only looking out for employees and the greedy plaintiff lawyers looking to extort you its a tough place to own a business. We have had enough. Our entire practice is geared towards one thing. Protecting California employers.

Together we can make California a great place to own a business again.

Employer Attorney
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Lawyers Rock
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Lawyers Rock teaches people in the Music, Film, Television, and Online Entertainment business how to legally protect themselves and their work.

Lawyers Rock helps people in Entertainment Industry understand how the business and legal side works so they can protect all their hard work.

Entertainment Attorney
Fischer Lawyer
Fischer Lawyer is the #1 source online for news, updates and tips related to all forms of law.

Fischer Lawyer likes to provide readers with news, tips and entertainment regarding law. Whether you’re a criminal defense attorney, a personal injury attorney, a tax attorney or any other kind of lawyer, you’ll find that Fischer Lawyer has some great articles for you.

Fischer Lawyer
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Elena Law Office
Providing you with the latest and greatest in all forms of law.

Elena Law Office gives you up to date news and information on law matters such as criminal defense, personal injury law, business law, finance law and much more. If you’re interested in hearing the latest news, updates and tips, be sure to subscribe!

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TN Criminal Defense Attorney
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Nashville, TN
Philip N. Clark is an experienced and affordable Nashville-based attorney who focuses his law practice on DUI and Criminal Defense. With over 20 years of law enforcement experience, he holds ample knowledge to develop and execute strategies to help you achieve your goals based on the details of your personal legal situation.

If you are facing criminal charges in Nashville or the surrounding area and are not prepared, there can be devastating consequences. A criminal conviction may result in being jailed as well as substantial fines and court costs. Further, depending on the conviction, other penalties may include the loss of your right to own or possess firearms, loss of your right to vote, loss of your drivers license, and placement on the sex offender registry. Agreeing to an Order of Protection could force you from your family home for up to one year. A conviction for DUI, drug possession, or domestic violence could ruin your reputation and cause you severe financial hardship. Even if you are an immigrant, who is legally in this country through a visa or green card, you may face deportation for pleading guilty to certain crimes.

Without proper guidance and help from a competent attorney, navigating your way through the legal system will be difficult. Call Nashville criminal defense attorney Philip N. Clark to get the defense you need during this very difficult time.

TN Criminal Defense Attorney
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Law Offices of Cyrus E. Seradj
Law Offices of Cyrus E. Seradj
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Bonita, CA
San Diego and Area Personal Injury and Real Estate Lawyers.

San Diego and Area Personal Injury and Real Estate Lawyers.

Personal Injury Lawyer
National Familly Law Directory
Directory of Familly Law.

NFLD is a directory listing Family Law firms located across the country.

Familly Law Directory