QSI Payments
6910 E Chauncey Ln, Phoenix AZ
QSI Payments offers merchant services and payment processing services.

QSI Payments specializes in offering payment processing and merchant services to both small and large business in high and low risk industries. We have a direct relationship with First Data and Wells Fargo and can beat anyone’s pricing!

QSI Payments
Financial Planning Platform
9439 Archibald Ave Suite,
#110 Rancho Cucamonga,
San Bernardino, CA 91730.

FPP was established to help families and business owners all over California, make the most of their money. From 401k roll-overs, to saving for college, FPP provides the security, stability, and profitability for your money.
(909) 531-4115
372 24th Street, Suite 410, Ogden, Utah

PDCflow started up in 2003, under the name PDC4U, with the purpose of creating cloud based payment processing services for the debt collection industry.
Prestige Merchant Services

Excellent rates and service for credit card processing! We also specialize in High Risk. If you are fed up with teaser rates and fees that milk your business dry call us!

Prestige offers merchant services at the best rates! We don’t believe in offering rates that change or locking your business into a long term contract. If you are looking for honest rates with excellent service give us a call for a FREE consultation!

Credit Card Processing
MWB Solutions
1660 S Highway 100,
Suite 500,
St Louis Park, MN

MWB Solutions has been providing tax relief services in the state of Minnesota. We are the number 1 tax debt relief and IRS settlement expert servicing Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Edina and surrounding areas. Call us today.

If you’re facing an IRS lien it’s vital to learn this will definitely remain in place before you pay that which you owe, or until you setup some type of deal? Irrespective of what, the final thing you would like to do is leave a tax lien set up.

That is a big error, and messing with the IRS just isn’t in your best interest. Luckily, there are lots of methods that one may get tax relief. In case you are uncertain of your entire options, and which one may work best for you personally, you ought to start to consider your circumstance.

What’s the best solution to release an IRS lien? This can be difficult to answer because everybody in this place has an alternate scenario in terms of the things it is that they owe, how much cash they will have in hand, etc. With that at heart, if you’re able to pay the whole quantity of taxes owed in a single lump sum you have to accomplish that. There isn’t any reason to waste time with any choice when you yourself really have the cash to completely pay off your indebtedness in a single swoop.

When you pay your obligation in full the tax lien is likely to be promptly released. To go along with this, you will discover yourself in great standing with the IRS yet again. So when you understand, being to the IRS’ great side is a thing that you need to be proud of. You won’t ever wish to generate the IRS angry, or have them coming after you for money which you owe.

Should you not have the cash available, but nevertheless need to pay the IRS in full, you’ve other options. Is it possible to borrow money from buddies or your loved ones? Is it possible to sign up for a loan? Have you got enough available credit to cover your tax liability in full? There are lots of creative methods to get the cash you have to pay and in turn release your tax lien.
Check Cash Loans
Check Cash Loans
483 Colonial Pkwy Suite C
Columbus, Ohio
Check Cash Loans was created to help consumers access the money they need online, and without a lot of hassles or time required. We understand that everyone falls short once in a while, and submitting a loan request to hundreds of lenders allow you to get a loan quickly. Our service is to quickly connect you with a lender that may be able to speed up an offer for a loan.

At Check Cash Loans we are an online provider for short term loans, otherwise referred to as payday loans. What we try to accomplish is to provide an online lender that has access to many different lending companies, so if you have credit that has fallen on hard times we can help out with our extensive portfolio of lenders that we have at our disposal.

Payday Loan Lenders
Samuel Rad Certified Financial Planner
3415 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Suite 1102
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Sam Rad is a fee-only financial advisor who does comprehensive financial planning, using only highly educated and well credentialed experts in the fields of Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and Taxes.

Sam helps clients manage their finances and make profitable decisions when it comes to their investments, pensions, Social Security, annuities, life insurance, real estate holdings and taxes. His clients benefit from a whole team of advisors’ guidance rather than a single-advisor approach.

Sam is an instructor at UCLA and does educational presentations at Fortune 500 companies focusing on: Retirement Planning, Financial Planning for Women and Estate Planning.

Samuel Rad Certified Financial Planner
KJ Mortages Las Vegas
Mortages Las Vegas | Home Refinance in Nevada

In 2005 there were approximately 36,000 registered Las Vegas Mortgage consultants. Today, there are less than 2000. What does that tell you about Us? We are survivors of one of the most devastating real estate markets in Las Vegas and nationwide. Not only is she a survivor, she is an expert at what she does for her potential homeowners. You would not know that her industry has been on the losing end of regulation, lost business, ever constraining approvals and unforgiving public opinion.
SME Cloud Accounting
5 Wayward Lad Close, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire,
GL52 5FJ
SME Cloud Accounting provide online accounting services to small businesses that want to grow their business and not have to be bogged down with being concerned with the administration of the accounting side of the business. They operate throughout the United Kingdom and can be contacted by visiting their website

Starting in late 2015, SME Cloud Accounting has been built by the two founders Stephen Edwards and Jonathan Holman. Stephen brings to the business over a decade of experience within accounting services for small to medium sized businesses, operating as sole traders to limited companies. Jonathan runs the marketing side of the business, from website design to internet marketing and boosting the business in the search engines.

SME Cloud Accounting aims to bring accounting services to those that are looking to run their accounting online and save with the additional issues of meeting up with a traditional accountant every few months to go over the book keeping and revenue of the business. They have incorporated the use of the accounting software ‘Xero’ as their main accounting platform.

They know that the future will be an electronic one and that payments and transactions will be fully automated moving into the 21st century, they are preparing themselves for this move – are you?

Contact SME Cloud Accounting today for further information.
0800 246 1803
Hendricks Accounting & Business Planning.


Maintaining proper accounting procedures at a reasonable rate is a major concern that most small or start-up businesses face today. Our mission is to provide accounting options that are customized to address your accounting needs.
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