Comilla Club For Ladies
Hancockpark Los Angeles United States
A Small club of ladies living Hancock Park, Los Angles Community.

We are sharing all our events, exhibitions, garage sales and trending beauty and health tip with all ladies of our neighborhood. We would like to welcome more ladies to make this blog into overnight success.


Careers, business, entrepreneurship, motivation. These are my passions.

I believe that there is a better version of everyone locked up within themselves. You just need to tools to set that part of you free.

I enjoy writing about self-improvement, choices, technology, all the things that can make us more than who we are today.

Join me in my blog as we discover a better you, and see what impact we can have on those around us.

The most important lesson I have learned is to really enjoy the things around you. You don’t need to be rich to have good friends, good food, and have good times. These things come to anyone who seeks them out. Don’t just stay in your boring routine every day! Try new things! Go meet new people! Try new FOOD! I love food too. 🙂 There is so much to enjoy in this life, but you need to decide to go and do it!
A Lifestyle of Health Happiness and Fitness

A few years ago I was sick and tired of who I was. I was in terrible shape. I was eating food that was bad for me. I was depressed. I suffered from anxiety.

I knew I needed a change. So I decided to change nearly everything about myself. I thought, if I hate where I am, the only way to fix that is to change everything that causes me to be like this. I started with small steps. First I changed my diet. No more junk food. Then I started exercising, just a little at a time, working up slowly. Then I actually moved to a new city, and made new friends. I got a new job where I made less money, but I had less stress.

I moved into a smaller condo that I could easily afford. I got enjoyment from the little things like fun decorating ideas for my condominium, and jogging in the park, and trying new foods. I hope to share some of the things that helped me start to love life, and love who I had become. You have the power to change yourself for the better!
Hot Elf’s Blog – Travel, Adventure, Carpe Diem

My friends have called me “hot elf” for so long I hear it almost as much as my name! 😀

Hi I’m Errare and this is my space to talk about all the random things that I love. As I get around to writing articles you will get to read about travel, beauty, girl stuff, and adventure.

I believe in really living life, and not just surviving. I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings as much as I enjoy writing them!
Eat Real Stay Sane
1293 South 1510 East
Provo, UT
Real food lifestyle without losing your mind or social life.

Eat Real Stay Sane is owned by Cameron and Erin Smith. They have taught healthy alternatives to the traditional American diet since 2013. Together they provide real food, all-natural, organic recipes as well as informational posts teaching others how to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.
Deep Creek Brewing
Information about the brewing business and bar management systems.

How to information about starting a restaurant or bar and the beer brewing process. We provide articles about the restaurant and bar business including detailed information on restaurant POS systems and merchant services.

Bar Management Systems
Detective Conan Manga

A site about the famous anime Case Closed ( or Detective Conan in Europe ) . We provide news about the manga , links of the last episode each time a new one is out ! You can also found figure , books and streaming offer for being able to watch all the episodes of Detective Conan
The Art of Bedtime
Blog dedicated to the art of lucid dreaming.

Thanks to the internet, lucid dreaming is no longer an unknown subject. More attention has come to the front line. Visit our website and lean how you can achieve this phenomenal state.
4040 Longhorn Drive, Sarasota, FL
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